The Eternal Artist


Hiccup is the cutest thing ever. You can not tell me differently. just…image

look at his face. <3


David Hale appreciation time. Not only does this dude rock his super polished and developed personal style, he’s found enough success and respect in his field that he can get away with charging whatever his client feels comfortable paying. He’s booked right through to 2014, and in the face of his booming success he decided that after the minimum $100 deposit he would allow his clients to pay what they felt he deserved and just trust in their respect for him and his art, which is an astoundingly bold and generous move on his part.

I’d really love to get something from this guy someday, he just seems like he’s reached such an elevated level of trust in himself and his clients and really cares about the artform.


art by willowwaves!



oh my god shannon

oh my god i love this so much


Fox Pose
By lgambon

this gif makes me happy


this gif makes me happy